Finally, this is another dream come true. That sounds corny but please indulge me. I’ve been given the chance to blog about Pinoy music at We launched it today and it’s called Soundtrip.

Excerpt of my first post:

I WAS once gifted with a T-shirt from Tower Records that says, “Know Music, Know Life.”

Perhaps that was one of the best birthday gifts I’ve received. It was simple and yet it captured what I thought was my own view on music.

You see, before I decided to turn to the pen, I was, ehem, a musician. I studied music because I admired people who could stand in front of millions of fans and mesmerize them with their music.

Wish me luck!

P.S. Apart from Soundtrip, another blog was launched at the It’s called Vox Populi. This blog will allow registered users to start and keep conversations going online.

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