(Update) Pinoy wins cybersecurity award

(UPDATE) Filipino cybercrime forensic investigator Alex Ramos who has been named one of six finalists in the prestigious cybersecurity award wins.

A Filipino cybercrime investigator has been named one of the finalists in an annual award given to cybercrime forensic investigators, INQUIRER.net has learned.

Alex Ramos is vying for the 2007 Timothy Fidel Memorial Award, according to a statement released by Guidance Software Inc, a copy of which was obtained by INQUIRER.net. Ramos participated in the analysis of digital evidence regarding a “multi-jurisdictional investigation” involving the phreaking of 7,000 voicemail and PBX systems worldwide, including systems in the Philippines.

The winner of the award will be named during the sixth annual Computer Enterprise Investigations Conference (CEIC) in Loews Lake, Las Vegas resort, on May 7.

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  1. Sunshine, I did my part As a tax payer I asked the US telecommunication organization they should step up and give the guy what is due him. hard work have to be commesurated. This is America nothing is free.

  2. Hi Baguioboy and to you guys I am back in Manila and thank you for your nice comments. Public service lang po tayo… glad to be of service to all.

  3. I love getting the letters, but please do not go telling folks they are heading to get about 1 a week. We have been lucky to get an individual a month. You need to do a little better than that….or halt the pinocchio stories at the quite least. If just one a month is what it is, then that’s what it is.

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