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There’s a word war going on in blogosphere. And the battle has just begun…


David Bullard, a columnist for Sunday Times, has written a controversial piece that compared some bloggers to the “air guitars of journalism.”

Air guitar is about pretending that you can play those fast riffs without the instrument. Air guitar became mainstream maybe after the low-budget movie Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure hit the video stores. But I maybe wrong, heh.

Anyway, I wrote a short entry for Blog Addicts on this issue.


DAVID BULLARD’S recent column “Name and shame offensive bloggers” on Sunday Times has stirred the blogosphere.

Vincent Maher did not mince words, as he answered every point made by Bullard.

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  1. I haven’t heard of the article til now. Either he is losing his readership because of weblogs, or he is just a “really good writer” and hates everything mediocre. Either way, it reeks of pompous arrogance. Good luck to his career. 😛

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