Things happen, how you react matters

It took me long to update this personal blog. But, here it goes:

The day almost ended without much happening. Sunday was a day of rest, a day for family, a time of reflection and worship. However, as I went back to my room to read a book, I heard a shattering of glass outside my apartment. I then heard my wife calling my name. Something broke and I was afraid it needed my attention.

I went down from my room, and there it was–shattered glass all over the parking  area where my vehicle was. My wife said that my new neighbors who were moving in caused a loose glass jalousie to fall directly onto my car’s hood. The sharp glass created a deep but small dent on my car.

As I went to check the damage, my new neighbor looked troubled. He saw the frustration in my face, and he acknowledged the accident.

Things happen everyday. But what matters is how we react to these life events. I’m known to be calm. Sometimes too calm while others panicked. I also don’t say much. Perhaps that’s the observer in me. I assess a situation first and think how I would react. I hate confrontation. But when push comes to shove, I use reason, not emotion to get myself out of a situation. I am often get called out for being too “soft and kind” when a situation calls for aggression and toughness. It’s my demeanor. I don’t talk much. I listen. Then react. I talk when it’s my turn. Good thing, I have friends and family that are there to help. Friends sometimes come to defend me. Sometimes, I forget that I need help.

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