5 reasons why you should start a blog

Who blogs these days?

Today, I’ve asked my PUBLISH class to start their own class blog as part of a requirement in class. It is surprising to find that many are no longer blogging. (Blame Facebook and Twitter!)

Why do we still need to blog? I will offer several reasons.

1. Blogging helps you become a better writer. It is one way of publishing your thoughts without noise. You own this space on the Internet. Nobody can tell you what to write (unless you decide to sell it to the highest bidder–the devil!). It’s your personal space in cyberspace. Facebook and Twitter are designed for  consumption and connection. Blogging is about creation.

2. Blogging gives you voice. Want to say something, blog about it. If you want to rant, take it to your blog, and explain it well. Blogs can be your venue for stimulating debate and discussion on topics of choice. It’s up to you to engage people.

3. Blogging helps you establish your online persona. I am often impressed with people who own and maintain their blogs for reasons that are non-commercial. Blogs establish your cred online. Buy your own domain name — do it. Having trouble deciding what to blog, use it to document your passion, your journey through life or through the digital space. You will make mistakes–some spelling errors, and sometimes (God forbid!) some grammatical lapses. Don’t fret. You can always revise and update it. And that’s the beauty of self-publishing.

4. Blogging makes you think.  Try writing one entry a day. Isn’t that a lot of work? Yes, of course. Writing is all about thinking and articulating your thoughts in words, images, and videos. As the medium dictates, this is NOT just for the nerdy types–or for the word lovers. You can use photos, videos to communicate what you think. Be creative. You’ll be surprised years later to see what have you done.

5. Blogging keeps you disciplined. Starting is easy. Keeping at it for years without pause is not. This blog has seen less and less updates. And it has always been a struggle to keep the juices running. So yes, blogging keeps you focused and disciplined. It is sometimes cathartic.

So if somebody asks you again why do you blog, remember these five things, and add one more that is unique to you. It’s also fun seeing people realize that, “Yeah, you’re right!”

Blog away!

Don’t read this


If you’re reading these words, my experiment succeeded.

How do I make you read further. Easy, I will use a bigger FONT.

But who am I kidding, right? If this blog doesn’t say anything, you may be clicking this LINK to get out of here.

By now, I have gotten you’re attention. So I will try to add a nice photo just about…now.


If you’re still reading until this point, I’m handing it to you. You’re unusual.

People usually stay on a web page for at least 6 seconds.

They scan first. Then, they glance over the first few paragraphs. When it doesn’t hook them. They leave.

So if you’re reading this paragraph, you’re exceptional because I’m about to throw in a video. And this video is going to increase your time spent on this page. You may share it after, or not! Just watch the video.

By now, I have thrown all the tricks that I can think of, but wait, there’s more…






Okay that’s it!

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Twitter database crashes

The sheer volume of traffic has crashed the Twitter database servers. To date, Twitter is trying to recover from this outage. Some features, like the “older posts” are now unavailable. Is Twitter the victim of its own success?

And here’s an interesting Twitter application I spotted on the Twitter blog.