No specific plans yet for Blackberry Bold in APAC

I’ve been using a four-year-old Blackberry that has retired after a bad fall. The fall damaged the USB slot used for charging the rechargeable battery and syncing the contents of device into a PC or a notebook. The unit might still work if I’m able to charge the battery. But I’ve been wanting to upgrade my unit. So when I heard about the Blackberry Bold, I just started salivating.

Research in Motion announced Blackberry Bold’s availability, but was short of disclosing its plans for the Asia Pacific region, including the Philippines. The launch of the new Blackberry unit coincided with Apple iPhone’s launch in the country, thanks to Globe Telecom.

I was with a colleague today, and we discussed these developments. We agreed that this year is turning out to be an interesting year for the telecommunications industry because non-traditional players like Apple are trying to take market share from traditional players likes of Nokia, Sony Ericsson, among others. According to this report, Apple might have a chance of getting more people to use its iPhone. Why? This analyst explains that Apple as a brand has been battle-tested.

Finally, here’s a video posted a year ago by CBS, which features a first look at the iPhone, a device that will change the way we see mobile phones and Internet devices.

iPhone to hit RP shores soon

Good news to all iPhone-loving Pinoys. Globe Telecom announced that it will start offering Apple’s iPhone to local subscribers. Here’s the same announcement from the local operator’s website.

Excerpt from

MANILA, Philippines–Globe Telecom will be among the first telecom operators in Asia to officially carry Apple’s popular iPhone handset.

A two-paragraph statement on Globe’s website said the mobile communications firm had signed an agreement with Apple along with Singapore’s Singtel, India’s Bharti Airtel and Australia’s Optus.