Crowd-sourcing and why I love Quora

Have a burning question that’s been in your mind? Who do you call? (Ghostbusters!)

Seriously, I would assume you would go online and start searching for answers. Or, in this era of social, you can ask your peers.

Quora is one social network that offers answers to even the most ridiculous questions you have. But unlike its predecessors (i.e Yahoo! Answers,, Quora is also a community of experts. It allows you to also find experts of various topics. In my case, I was looking for some background information and a starting point on my research on data journalism. It so happens that there were some experts in Quora who answered back a day after I posted my question. Amazing, right?

Go check it out.

What’s in a name?


Picking a name for your startup or even a rock band is a challenge. I’ve found a lot of “name generators” on the Internet that offers ideas. But here’s something I’ve picked up from Slideshare.

Big Spaceship’s Victor Pineiro creates this simple presentation to help you get started.

Online game publisher reports P77m in net revenues

Interesting to know how much does an online game publisher make these days.

Check out this story on hackenslash:


The RESURGENCE of interest of the online gaming community in a five-year-old game boosted revenues of local online game publisher Level Up! Philippines during the first quarter of 2008, a top executive told hackenslash.