Funkylicious music

Was having a ball doing some music using an old Guitar Port and the Macbook Pro’s Garageband software. The result:

And here’s another, it’s inspired by dance music:


Pinoy rock icon Howlin’ Dave dies

One of the country’s well-known DJs who played punk music in Philippine radio, and eventually helped Pinoy rock bands like Juan dela Cruz get radio play, has passed away.


MANILA, Philippines — Howlin’ Dave, the radio DJ recognized as the voice of Filipino rock on station dzRJ, passed away Monday morning after suffering a stroke, two days after he collapsed at home and was rushed to East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City. He was 52.

The announcer, whose real name was Dante David, was the son of radio personality Uncle Nick, who worked at ABS-CBN station dzXL in the 1960s.

Who is Howlin’ Dave? Here’s an interesting article by Pinoy music journalist Eric Caruncho.

I was looking for photos of Howlin’ Dave and found this website, called Pinoy Rock, hosted by Geocities. I also found this blog by his brother called, Kwentong Tambay, that had his more recent photos before he said goodbye.

Dayo: first Pinoy, all-digital animated film

This year is perhaps a good year for Filipino animation. Come November, a Pinoy-made animated film done using all digital technology tools will be shown in local theaters. Dayo, as told by its director, features all Filipino talent and artists. The story is also very Filipino. Another animated film, titled Urduja is scheduled to be shown next month. Urduja is also a full-feature animation film, but it still uses the “traditional” paper-based animation techniques, unlike Dayo which was done using specialized digital tools.

Excerpt from the story:

MAKATI CITY, Philippines — An all-Filipino production team is scheduled to come out with a full-feature animation film done using digital animation technology, its director told

“We’ve been called crazy before. But the animation industry in the Philippines is two decades old. We’ve been doing outsourcing, so Filipino talent has gone unacknowledged. Recently there’s been a clamor for original content,” said Robert Quilao, director of Dayo, a full-feature animated film that feature the story of an 11-year-old kid named Bubuy.