A celebrity tweet that sparked rich vs. poor debate in PH

This recent incident revived debates between “the rich vs. the poor” issue in the Philippines. Right smack in the middle is a young celebrity.

As this “storified” compilation of various tweets from different people, the author gives more context and insights into this touchy issue, which reemerged after a celebrity took a swipe at government and its policy on informal settlers.

As the author reveals, there are deeper issues at play here. Read on:

I’m on ‘Medium,’ and loving it!

Finally, I got invited to write for Medium, a blogging network founded by Evan Williams, same guy behind Blogger and Twitter.

Medium brings back our love for blogging. But this time, their motivation is different. As the founders proclaim:

We think that words (still) matter, so we built a better system for sharing them.


What makes this blogging service different? First, it’s by invitation. You have to pass a certain standard to get invited. What I did was comment on one of the blog entries, and boom, I got an email telling me that I can start posting my own.

You also need to use your Twitter account to join Medium.

I think this service is still in its infancy. But the quality of writing (also the design) is excellent. And they have Editor’s Picks too.

I like this model for blogging because there are a lot of people out there who just wants to write, and who thinks words still matter, because just like air, it is crucial to our existence–just like breathing.

Do check out my first entry, which is aptly titled, Why we blog.


From Twit to Plurk

Perhaps getting fed up with regular downtimes, some people are now flocking to Plurk, a service similar to Twitter but the latter looks, er, cuter. Plurk’s interface shows a timeline of messages posted by users. What’s good about this is that you can respond quickly to that user using a pull down menu. No need to put @(name of twitter friend). You can also send private messages, post cute emoticons, and chose colorful verbs set by Plurk. When I say colorful verbs, that means literally verbs with different colors. The word “says” is in orange, “loves” in red, and so on.

Plurk also lets you earn karma points. You get more karma by being an active user (completing profile, adding friends, etc.). If you get more points, you’ll be given access to some special emoticons, among others.

Twitter is down, again

Been seeing this a lot lately. Twitter down due to maintenance, etc. Google should buy Twitter, heh. 😉

Twitter database crashes

The sheer volume of traffic has crashed the Twitter database servers. To date, Twitter is trying to recover from this outage. Some features, like the “older posts” are now unavailable. Is Twitter the victim of its own success?

And here’s an interesting Twitter application I spotted on the Twitter blog.