Alt-Media: The ‘Bad Boy’ model of publishing

Screenshot by Erwin Oliva
Screenshot of Fliboard on my iPhone

How do you make content that young people actually give a s#$%^ about?

This was a question that dogged me for years in Yahoo! As a country editor for the Philippines of the oldest Internet startup (that I made up), that question was asked a zillion times. I even had a deck done, and redone. What do young people want? Do they even care about news (Yes, they do!)

I’ve recently been Flip-ing through Anthony Moor’s Flipboard magazine called “News in transition.” Moor is from Yahoo! and I wished I met him while I was in the company. Anyhow, Flipboard exists only on mobile and you can download it using your Android or iPhone. I happen to stumble upon a story in his Flipboard magazine called “The Bad Boy Brand.” It’s a New Yorker story about Vice, a publishing company that touts to be made for the millenials. (I’m a big fan of New Yorker, btw).

As I read through the story by Lizzie Widdicombe, ideas came rushing. Gonzo journalism. Hunter S. Thompson. MTV. Wired. Utne Reader. Thanks to a good friend of mine back in the day when I was still doing medical journalism, I’ve always been fascinated with the weird —  the “news on the edge” type –and this is the tagline that Vice wants. It is content made for the young.

They aim to provoke. But at the same time, that provocation leads to curiosity, and curiosity leads to attraction. So let Vice show you what I mean.

Ok Go and their love for dogs

I recently stumbled upon this music video from Ok Go. It’s their latest, geeky take on a new song “White Knuckles.”

Excerpt from my Fit to Post article:

The geeky band that created a viral choreographed music video “A Million Ways”  and the hit “Here it Goes Again,” has done it again. Now, the viral music video that is making rounds on social networks  involves trained canines and, er, well trained humans too.

Here’s the video that’s going viral.

White Knuckles

Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island, originally uploaded by cyberbaguioboy.

The beach, a sandbar, a nice little hut, ahhh, i just love Bantayan Island, a best kept secret of Cebu.

We also made this video feature for Watch it here.

Akira Yamaoka and video game symphony

Music4Games recently had a chat with Akira Yamaoka, the guy behind a video game symphony.

Gamers will immediately recognize the tunes he has composed.